Course Information

  • Schedule

    Vedic Astrology 1 is available on demand, to watch at your convenience. Start anytime!

  • Experience

    For beginners. Learn about the foundations of Ayurveda including the 3 Gunas, 5 Elements, 3 Doshas and more! Receive dietary, herbal, and lifestyle advice so that you can maintain a balance within your body, mind and spirit.

  • Support

    You can choose to submit assignments for feedback along the way within our student portal. You will also be able to email Joti and Irene anytime with questions as you go. We are here for you!

  • Certificate

    Upon completion of the course you will receive an assignment to complete to demonstrate your understanding of the material. After your assignment has been submitted, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Ayurveda Level 1.

Course Curriculum

    1. From Consciousness to Matter with Joti

    2. Meditation for the Ego

    3. Joti's Lesson 1 Slides

    4. Personal Self Assessment with Irene

    5. Irene's Lesson 1 Slides

    6. Self Assessment Questionnaire

    1. The Three Gunas with Joti

    2. Meditation on the Gunas

    3. Joti's Lesson 2 Slides

    4. Understanding Sattva, Rajas, Tamas with Irene

    5. Irene's Lesson 2 Slides

    6. Guna Self Assessment

    1. The Tanmatras & 5 Elements

    2. Joti's Lesson 3 Slides

    3. Recognizing The 5 Elements Within Us With Irene

    4. Irene's Lesson 3 Slides

    1. Deepening Our Understanding of the 5 Elements - Introducing The Doshas With Joti

    2. Joti's Lesson 4 Slides

    3. The 5 Elements, Doshas, and Physical Traits with Irene

    4. Irene's Lesson 4 Slides

    1. The Gunas in the Elements and Doshas

    2. Irene's Lesson 5 Slides

    3. Joti's Ayurvedic Morning Routine Video 1

    4. Joti's Ayurvedic Morning Routine Video 2

    1. Doshic Characteristics - Prakruti & Vikruti with Irene

    2. Irene's Lesson 6 Slides

    3. The Seasonal, Time, Age, and Planetary Influences with Joti

    4. Ayurveda Level 1 - Class 6

    5. Dosha Intake