About This Course

  • Schedule

    Vedic Astrology 1 is available on demand, to watch at your convenience. Level 1 contains 12 hours of video lessons. Receive feedback on homework assignments, and email Joti with questions as you go. Start anytime!

  • Experience

    For absolute beginners. Each week we learn about one of the planets (grahas) and the signs it rules. Exploring how to diagnose it's effect on different aspects of our life. We also learn planetary remedies including mantras, gemstones, herbs and more!

  • Support

    You can choose to submit assignments for feedback along the way. You will also be able to email Joti anytime with questions as you go. We also have a community for our Vedic Astrologers where you can ask questions of our more advanced students.

  • Certificate

    Upon completion of the course you will receive an assignment to complete to demonstrate your understanding of the material. After your assignment has been completed, you will book a 1 Hour Online Vedic Astrology Reading with Joti to review your assignment. Upon completion of this meeting, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Level 1 Vedic Astrology and will be able to offer basic readings to friends and family.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Joti

    2. Your Birth Data

    3. Astrology Software

    4. Questions As You Go

    1. Vedic Cosmology & Atamakaraka (Soul Planet)

    1. The Sun - Video

    2. The Sun - Slides

    3. Gayatri Mantra

    1. The Moon - Video

    2. The Moon - Slides

    3. What Phase of the Moon Were You Born Under?

    4. Request Your Lunar Nakshatra

    1. Mars - Video

    2. Mars - Slides

    1. Venus - Video

    2. Venus - Slides