Invest in your Self Mastery

This fall... a life changing journey awaits, where you receive the teachings and experiences that align you with your highest destiny!

Kundalini Yoga creates a magnetism within you that attracts the highest version of your reality - so that your life is attuned to your greatest enjoyment. As you deepen your understanding of the Kundalini Yoga teachings, you will wake up to an inner reality that is full of richness, joy and authenticity.

Kundalini Yoga is a householder's yoga, meaning it is meant for everyday people with busy lives. The power of this yoga can change and elevate your mood in just a few minutes.

This lineage utilizes specific combinations of pranayama (breathwork), mantra (sound and naad), movement (kriya), angles, astrology and meditation to awaken the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine and draw it up to the crown, bridging heaven and earth. You can expect to feel lighter, at ease, more clarity and true happiness.

In this 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with optional Kundalini Lifestyle Retreat, you will not only be profoundly elevated in your own life - but you will also receive professional certification as a Kundalini Yoga instructor, so that you can share this amazing yogic technology within your community.

Maybe you are already a yoga teacher or are just feeling the intuitive call to Kundalini Yoga like so many others are. This training is meant for all levels regardless of where you are on your own journey, no previous experience required.

What Can You Expect?

  • Kundalini Teacher Training students meet 8 weekends, either online or in-person, from October 2024 to January 2025 to receive training and experiences that unlock your true potential. Through group and individual practices, we shift our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As we come more deeply into our authentic selves, we learn to help support others in doing the same.

  • Optional Kundalini Lifestyle Retreat at Norte Nosara Resort in Costa Rica from February 9 to February 15, 2025. In this lifestyle immersion you will receive deeper teachings in Ayurveda and yogic wellness practices that you can prescribe to your clients. The workshops will not be taught in the Kundalini Teacher Training. The workshops will include tongue and pulse diagnosis, remedies such as herbs and oleation therapies, training in marma points (yogic acupuncture points), and more. You will live the yogic lifestyle during our time together with morning and evening ritual practices, as well as daytime workshops and group activities.

  • Receive training in sound healing - as Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of sound - we will teach you how to play the gong, singing bowls, chimes, and other instruments. Not only this, but you will learn the art of how to perform a sound bath - considering transitions, volume, dynamics, and more. You will practice performing sound baths within our group training, and can offer these within your community professionally as a graduate of our training program.

  • Deep dive into Kundalini Yogic technologies - yes I said technology - that gives us the tools to elevate our consciousness to master our self and our reality. Understand the history of our lineage, train in the language of our mantras (Gurmukhi), and even why we wear white clothes and head coverings. You will also learn physical practices (kriyas), as well as meditation, pranayama, mantra and more so that you will be ready to share the Kundalini Technology in your community.

  • Discover Trantric Numerology - an offering only found in Kundalini Yoga - that you can offer in addition to the Kundalini Yoga and Sound Baths. This is connected to your personal birth date, and teaches you how to understand your soul, body, destiny and more! You can offer Trantric Numerology readings as a graduate of this 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Explore the workings of the body through our Kundalini Physiology training program. Learn about the mechanics of the spine, nervous, and endocrine systems to help support your clients in their healing journey.

  • Receive all tools and training required to support your path to becoming a yoga teacher. Including business, technology and marketing training, as well as lots of hands on practice teaching in the safe space of our community.

Kundalini Ayurveda Lifestyle Retreat & Certification Costa Rica (Optional)

Only 10 Spots Available

Want to receive a $350 discount on your Kundalini Teacher Training? Join us in our Kundalini Ayurveda Lifestyle Retreat and Certification in Costa Rica from February 9-15, 2024 - and become certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.

Over this one week period you will be fully immersed into the yogic lifestyle with morning and evening Kundalini Yoga practices and ceremonies, as well as daily training in Ayurvedic wellness protocols. You will learn pulse and tongue diagnosis, so that you can identify the doshas that are out of balance - and discover how to be support your friends, family and clients. You will also receive treatment protocols through ayurvedic herbology training and marma point (acupressure point) instruction.

While in Costa Rica, you will enter into one of only 5 blue zones in the world - where people live longer and healthier lives than everyone else on planet Earth. Let this vibration accelerate your transformation, as you receive the ultimate boutique retreat experience at Norte Nosara Resort. With nutritious breakfasts and lunches included each day, transportation to and from the airport, sunrise cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance experience, cold plunge opportunities, and more - all included in our retreat package. This is a great value training and relaxation opportunity to initiate you into your future as a Kundalini Yoga instructor and practitioner.

Upon your return from this certification retreat, you will be fully equipped to not only offer Kundalini Yoga in your community - but also one-on-one Ayurvedic Kundalini Yoga wellness consultations where you can support the health and well-being of your clients.

Words from our Graduates

“In Joti & Kailee, I found nurturing, gracious and devoted teachers. They made it fun, challenging, heartfelt & supportive, and they really created a sense of community! In learning to teach Kundalini.... I found personal growth, so much that I am unable to even quantify it, so let me put things this way. If you are on the fence about becoming a Kundalini Instructor, let me share my thoughts with you. You will... - tune your body to be more energetically sensitive - Learn an art that will allow you to share YOUR inner guru with others - You will learn to see & reflect upon the world around you in new ways - Delve into a TECHNOLOGY that is thousands of years old, connecting to a rich lineage - Develop personal practice that will provide you connection beyond words I could go on, but in short, the practice of Kundalini is soul nourishing and in my mind, there is no better way to bring light, love, peace & expansion to a world that can definitely use it! May you walk in beauty, May you walk in light, May you walk in peace!”

Amandeep Prem Kaur

“Learning from both Joti and Kailee has been absolutely life changing for me…Words can’t describe these two beautiful souls and their teachings. They are both so unique and different and at the same time the two most caring humans I have ever met. When they come together it’s powerful it’s absolutely transformational. They are here to help heal and bring out your most authentic self and help make you shine bright ✨✨ When they announced their 200 Kundalini teacher training I had to sign up as my two favourite teachers were coming together to share their wisdom on a practice I love so dearly and has changed my life in ways I never thought I could imagine! The kundalini teacher training has taught me to use my voice and get outside of that box I put myself into as a child. I am definitely going to be signing up for more of their teachings and hoping that they one do a retreat together.. wink wink.”

Kristen Parchen

“KTT has truly been a transformative journey. Kailee and Joti brought an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, each with their own unique backgrounds and styles. What made the experience exceptional was how seamlessly they blended their different approaches, creating a perfect balance in our training. They created this amazing, nurturing space where everyone felt safe to be themselves and dive deep into their own transformations. Their guidance and support were invaluable, leading to profound shifts in pretty much my whole life – lol. If you're considering this training, don't hesitate - it's an opportunity you won't want to miss.”

Holly Kuchik

“Joti and Kailee create a safe environment for all the student’s to feel everything that comes up in a place that is safe and supported and allowed us to heal. For me the group of ladies that came together was exactly what I needed to support my growth and healing. I am grateful for the experience and the friendships that were created because of what Joti and Kailee created.”

Kim Fergin

What is the Schedule?

  • Training Begins October 18, 2024

    We come together in-person or online on the following schedule:

    October 18, 19, 20 - 2024

    November 1, 2, 3 - 2024

    November 15, 16, 17 - 2024

    November 29, 30, December 1 - 2024

    December 13, 14, 15 - 2024

    December 29 - 2024

    January 3, 4, 5 - 2024

    January 18, 19 - 2024

    February 9-15, 2025 - Optional Kundalini Lifestyle Retreat in Costa Rica. View full itinerary above.


    The times each weekend are as follows:

    Fridays 6-9pm MST

    Saturdays 8am-5pm MST

    Sundays 8am-5pm MST

  • How do I access the training?

    In-person Teacher Training attendees will come to The Healing Room in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE

    Online Teacher Training attendees will login via Zoom to our livestream with professional audio and video. ONLY 9 SPOTS AVAILABLE

    All Kundalini Teacher Trianing classes will be recorded and you will have unlimited access via your student portal.

    Optional Costa Rica Ayurvedic Certification Immersion is only available in-person as the course material is very hands on and requires live participation

  • Do I Receive Certification?

    Yes, upon completion of your 200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training we will be hosting a graduation where you will receive your Kundalini Teacher Certification. This supports you in feeling confident in opening your own teaching practice and offering the Kundalini Yoga technology in your community or online. Please note we are not affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

    Participants in the optional Costa Rica Kundalini Lifestyle Immersion will receive an additional Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certification. This enables you to book one-on-one consultations where you can diagnose (through pulse and tongue diagnosis) and treat doshic imbalances (through herbs and marma point therapies) - and offer Kundalini Yoga therapies individually to your clients.

What exactly will I learn?

Learn Kundalini Yoga through direct experience of the kriyas (yoga sets), including pranayama, mantra, meditation, physical practices, and more. *All ages and abilities are welcome*

History of our lineage and Kundalini Yoga Philosophy

How to Create a Kundalini Yoga Class from Warmups to Kriya to Playlist

Cosmic Kundalini and The Support of the Planets in our practice

What are mudras and how are they connected to the planets and our energetic systems

How to teach - including cueing, alignment, and even how to put together your perfect playlist

Practicing Teaching in Small Groups

The art of the gong, and how to play this incredibly powerful instrument.

Offering a sound bath - understanding how to play the instruments, dynamics, transitions, and more.

How to chant and understand Mantra - learn foundational Gurmukhi, the language of our mantras

Tantric numerology + the Path of Destiny as well as the 10 energetic bodies

Kundalini Anatomy including the spine, nervous system, and endocrine system

Experience Aquarian Sadhana - a powerful practice for time in our human experience

Learn the Aquarian Sutras which are guidelines to support us in living our most authentic life.

Business training and support in how to create a successful teaching career

Your Guides

Kailee Smith

Kailee has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and has taken over 500 hours of teacher’s trainings including a 200 hour kundalini teacher training, 200 hour vinyasa/hatha, restorative, yin and yoni yoga. Kundalini yoga came to her at a time where she had reached a plateau on her healing journey and grieving the unexpected death of her father. Kundalini not only supported her in moving through the deepest layers of grief but it brought light back into her life after one of the darkest times. She is passionate about sharing kundalini with the world.

Joti Tejprem Kaur

Joti Tejprem Kaur has been a student of the Vedas for over 10 years, walking the path that divinity laid out for her through her study of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Mantra, The Gong, and Kundalini Yoga to transform human consciousness and bring community together. Join her in this journey, as we remember our true nature.

Krista Daneluz Vieira

Krista is a registered massage therapist, and avid yogi, who teaches advanced anatomy, alignment & asana within 200 and 300 hour YTT programs in Edmonton. It is her passion to share knowledge, explore yoga postures and understand how the body works biomechanically so teachers can support themselves and their students through the practice of yoga. Through many years of exploration and application, she developed a mentorship program for yoga teachers to help them to align their goals within offering yoga and growing wellness businesses with living heart-centered lives, and opened her own yoga center, Yogarise.