Course Details

  • Schedule

    Vedic Astrology Level 3 is available on demand, to watch at your convenience. Level 3 contains 13 hours of video lessons. Receive feedback on homework assignments, and email Joti with questions as you go. Start anytime!

  • Experience

    We will explore what makes a planet Malefic (bad intentions) or Benefic (good intentions. We will also understand different types of dasha systems (timing of events), and become well versed in Vedic gemstones prescription.

  • Recording

    Videos and resources will be available for unlimited replay, so if you can't make the live classes, no worries!

  • Background

    Having completed Vedic Astrology 1 & 2 is recommended OR having a basic knowledge of astrology (Tropical or Vedic) will be beneficial.

  • Support

    You can choose to submit assignments for feedback along the way. You will also be able to email Joti anytime with questions as you go. We also have a community for our Vedic Astrologers where you can ask questions of our more advanced students.

  • Certificate

    Upon completion of the course you will receive an assignment to complete to demonstrate your understanding of the material. After your assignment has been completed, you will book a 1 Hour Online Vedic Astrology Reading with Joti to review your assignment. Upon completion of this meeting, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Level 3 Vedic Astrology and will be able to offer basic readings to friends and family.