It's Time To Fulfill Your Dharma

Unravel yourself from the illusion of the material reality, and come to know the true nature of your soul, mind, and body through Vedic wisdom.   This is a powerful time on what we call Planet Earth, and the Vedas call  Bhu-mandala, as we are beginning to shift our consciousness back towards the truth.  If you are being called to lead the way, and empower yourself to help others, then join our beautiful community of seekers who are also on the journey.

How Do I Learn The Vedic Way?

Watch over 250 hours of teachings from Joti & special guests.

  • Learn to read Vedic Astrological charts for friends, family, and clients. 5 Pre-recorded levels (60+ hours) of astrology training including spiritual, medical, psychological, relationship, and more. Certification available after private consultation with Joti.

  • Practice Kundalini Yoga with Joti during her daily morning Sadhana. Experience physical actions, meditation, pranayam, mantra, and astrological forecasts. 1 Year of teachings (150+ hours) available on-demand, and live classes available at 7am MST Tuesday-Friday.

  • Discover the wisdom of Ayurveda, and learn how to maintain a balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way of being - using diet, herbs, and lifestyle practices. Receive 30+ hours of Ayurvedic teachings including Ayurveda 101, Ayurveda Spring Cleanse, and Ayurvedic Herb classes.


  • Are these classes live or recorded?

    Upon becoming a member of our community you receive access to the entire library of teachings - every class Joti has taught - on demand as pre-recorded videos.

    You also receive live access to Joti's online morning Kundalini Sadhana practice which she shares live via Zoom Tuesday-Friday from 7am-7:45am.

  • What about new classes that come available, are they included?

    Joti will be offering online workshops, special classes and events that you will get first access to - and only Vedic Lifestyle Community members will receive unlimited access to replays of these offerings. So if you miss the live class, you can access the replays anytime, at your convenience.

  • What if I have questions for Joti as I go through the content?

    You can book a 1 Hour Online Astrology Reading with Joti live via Zoom ($111) OR you can Ask Joti one question ($33) and she will answer with a personalized video response.

    If you would like to receive certification for any of the Vedic Astrology Levels, you will need to book a 1 Hour Online Astrology Reading with Joti to go over your final assignment.

Joti's Library of Teachings

All content is included in your Vedic Lifestyle Community Membership.